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Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle

Country: USA

Prosperity Candle’s mantra: “equal opportunity for women, a brighter future for all” adheres entirely to our ethos at Women Worldwide. This social enterprise seeks to make tangible and long-term change for women in and from regions of conflict.

Their reach stretches from Baghdad to Haiti, as well as being firmly entrenched in the United States. Prosperity Candle uses the talents of female artisans to enable them to earn a living wage and to create beautiful, ethically conscious products.

Within the United States, Prosperity Candle employs resettled women refugees, paying them a living wage, and giving them skills and new experiences. Alongside this, Prosperity Candle runs entrepreneurship programmes internationally, to spread their positive work, and help lift more women out of poverty. 

Prosperity Candle wants to use their ethical business model to enable the women they work with to not just survive, but to thrive.

Each handmade candle represents a female artisan rebuilding her life.

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